Walabot 3D Sensor

Walabot is a promising new piece of tech that popped up on my radar recently. It seems to be a new kind of 3D imaging sensor that can be adapted for a wide range of use cases. The use case I’m the most interested in is Virtual Reality tracking because it looks like it would be able to track both room size as well as hand movements at the same time. Although 3d imaging and drone radar have a cool factor going on it can even be used to see through or into walls. Like a stud finder on steroids. Normal stud finders can sort of tell you the general area a stud might be this Walabot will show you on your phone screen the studs, plastic or metal pipes, wiring, or even rodents.

The guts that make this magic possible is an array of linearly polarized broadband antennas with some on board processing. The frequency range is 3.3-10.3 GHz in the US or 6.3-8.3 GHz outside the US. Looks like it is based on a VYYR2401 A3 SOC with Cypress FX3 USB controller. The Pro version of the hardware with an array of 18 antennas has an Android app that is all ready to go for most Samsung phones. Otherwise you can grab their SDK that is Linux, Windows, and RaspberryPi compatible and make your apps. Speaking of making your own app they currently have a maker contest going on right now so that could be a cool winter project to work on.

The Pro kit with 18 antennas sales for $599 while the Maker kit with 15 antennas sales for $299 and a Starter kit with only 3 antennas sales for $149. The more antennas you have the more things you can do with it. $600 does seem expensive for phone attachment but the price should come down as they are able to scale up and find more practical applications for this tech. Similar to how drones are being adapted for the construction industry to measure and monitor construction sites. The price wouldn’t be a big deal for a business as it would be for a hobby maker. Either way I know I’ll be keeping an eye on this to see how it develops

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