Amazon Unveils Greengrass For AWS IoT Developers

Amazon announced during the recent AWS re:invent conference a new service called Greengrass that is being developed for IoT developers. The platform will allow for seamless communication between devices without the need for connecting to the cloud (as in serverless). This is a significant breakthrough in the IoT world as it cuts down on internet usage making this a viable option in both emerging and large scale environments.

Greengrass works by allowing sensors, known as groups, to communicate with each other while all of the data is then relayed to the Greengrass Core that then communicates the AWS IoT cloud. In the event of a poor connection or network loss, Greengrass also has the ability to store and buffer messages that can resume communication once a suitable connection is available.

The Greengrass Core is capable of being run on devices that support ARM and x86 architecture. The Core is responsible for executing AWS Lambda code as well as relaying data, caching, and security. Devices within the Greegrass Groups will run on AWS IoT Device SDK, which will allow them to communicate to the Core.

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