Android Instant Apps

Google announced last year at Google I/O in the next year it will introduce something called Instant Apps. Some Android users are already starting to see this new feature implemented this month and very soon everyone on at least Android Jelly Bean will see them as well.

What Google has done with Android Instant Apps is eliminate the need to install the full version of an app to view just a small amount of content. So instead of seeing the apps content in a web browser or a landing page to install the app, users will see a simple Android app interface.

This is possible by Android Instant Apps being separated into modules. When the user request content from a particular app they don’t have installed locally; Android will seamlessly download the portion of the app needed to view that particular content. For example if you need to pay a smart parking meter but don’t have the app for that particular vendor. Through NFC you will be able to pull up the payment and checkout portion of the app and pay with Android Pay.

This is important feature for developers and users. Developers are able to give users seamless access into their apps. Developers do not need to create a separate app to take advantage of this feature. They are able to upgrade their existing application and separate it into modules with Android Studio. Users are not hindered by a crowded wireless networks when they are unable to download a full application. This will also be an added benefit when users are interacting with IoT devices and setting them up. This new feature gives more exposure to developers and allows users to get what they need when they need it.

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