Anonymity with Tails

Tails is a Debian based Linux distro for users focused on privacy. All network traffic is run natively through the TOR network. This allows users to browse with better anonymity as well as circumvent censorship.

Some of the key features of this distribution is that it comes preconfigured with both the TOR browser as well as an I2P browser. In situations where governments are blocking the TOR network, having an I2P browser built in is a great benefit. Tails comes preinstalled with Icedove for email, a modified version of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Another interesting note is that you can’t actually install Tails right onto your hard drive using the recommended installation methods. It is recommended to run Tails as a live OS on removable media. The reason for this is the whole idea of amnesia, where Tails leaves no trace on the host computer.

Tails allows users to access the dark web through the TOR network (.onion) and I2P network ( Eepsite .i2p ). This also allows users to anonymously host websites on the darknet.

Another useful feature of Tails is having the ability to have encrypted partitions on your removable media. This encryption is handled by LUKS ( Linux Unified Key Setup ) and GNOME disks.

If Tails and security interests you it may be worth checking out Kali Linux as well as IprediaOS. Kali is more focused for those wanting to do pen testing and is maintained by Offensive Security. IprediaOS is built specifically for I2P usage, although the distribution doesn’t seem to be as maintained as Tails.

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