Aristotle: The Amazon Echo for Children & Parents

Aristotle by Nabi is an Amazon Echo designed for parents with young children. The device is being manufactured by Mattel and includes a wireless HD camera.

The camera can provide a wireless stream to your phone with 256-bit encryption. Think of it like a baby monitor for the internet of things. With IoT in mind, the Aristotle can automatically order diapers and formula from online retailers and can even log wet diapers and feedings.

The makers want Aristotle to be able to stay with a child from infant to young teenager. For this reason Aristotle will also include features like helping teach a foreign language and help kids with homework.

Aristotle has the ability to connect with Microsoft’s Bing to answer a child’s endless questions as well as parenting questions. The device will also be able to play guessing games with children and read aloud books from partnering publications.

Parents can also use standard Amazon Echo features by using the “Alexa” or “Echo” voice command. These features include: set alarms, order pizza, play music, and even connect with an Uber account for transportation, and more.

The device is also capable of connecting to smart-home infrastructure such as Honeywell, SmartThings, and Nest to dim lights and adjust your thermostat.

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