Cloudflare CDN For DNS, SSL And Security

If you are not using a content delivery network in combination with your virtual private server, you are missing out on a lot of free benefits. I personally have been using Cloudflare for many years and the service just keeps getting better. In the beginning, they just offered DNS services, but now they offer caching, speed optimization, DDOS protection, analytics, and more. These are the services they offer to fortune 500 companies and you can access them for gratis.

They seem very committed to improving the security of the internet-as-a-whole. The main way they did this is by offering free SSL certs. They did this way before was even an idea. It is as easy as checking a box. To be clear their SSL handles encryption from their cloud to your visitor. This does not include from your VPS to their cloud. They call it a flexible SSL and I think that is better than nothing.

Even if you are using simple shared hosting you can benefit from Cloudflare. Depending on what registrar you buy your domain names from updating the DNS can be confusing. If you run all your domains through Cloudflare you can count on the same easy to use interface for all of them. It also updates very quickly, like if you were switching hosting companies. No matter what level of hosting you have Cloudflare can help you mitigate bot traffic. It does this automatically by detecting traffic and showing captcha pages to suspicious visitors. This comes in handy when you want to detour traffic from some notorious countries specifically. With all these benefits for free there is not really a down side to using Cloudflare.

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