I2P – The Invisible Internet Project

The I2P ( Invisible Internet Project ) and other anonymous browsing methods such as TOR exist to help users protect their privacy. Be it for the purpose of corporate security or personal anonymity, users being concerned about their security is only gaining in popularity since the Snowden leaks.

I2P works by building tunnels between your device and other devices also running within the network. It runs on the network layer of the OSI model through message based internet protocol. All messages are encrypted end to end through four layers of encryption. Like other anonymous networks such as Tor, the more active users utilizing I2P the more secure it is. I2P is most commonly used for email, web browsing, and file sharing.

Connecting to the I2P network is moderately straight-forward for the tech minded and is available on multiple devices including: Windows, OSX, Linux/BSD/Solaris, Debian/Ubuntu, as well as Android. At the time of writing this article it is not supported on iOS.

Setting up your device for I2P requires you to first download and install the application and then configure your browser’s proxy settings to run through the I2P router application. If you are serious about your security concerns it may be advantageous to run on Ipredia OS, a distro of Linux run entirely on the I2P network.

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