Kespry Automated Drone System For Construction, Insurance, and Inventory

The Kespry drone system is an autonomous quadcopter made for rapid deployment in aggregate, insurance, and construction industries. The system is designed for increasing efficiency and cost savings. It does this through a well designed and highly capable drone combined with a custom cloud interface.

The drone itself is capable of 30+ minutes of flight on a single battery charge and in that 30 minutes can span more than 150 acres of coverage. It is able to withstand wind up to 25 mpg and gusts of up to 35 mpg; which is impressive given its 2 kg weight. The drone’s batteries are also quick swappable in the field.

Kespry is able to identify and track vehicles in real-time thanks to nVidia’s Jetson TX1 embedded autonomous platform. It is capable of doing flyovers and aggregating that data into high resolution aerial images as well as elevation and topographic lines.

All of that data from that the Kespry drone collects is then stored into the Kespry Cloud. The Kespry Cloud is capable of handling terabytes of data and offers different reporting tools.

Kespry is also capable of creating 3d models and smart inventory reports from the accumulated data it collects. All of that data is stored on Kespry’s servers that is both secure and redundant which can then be downloaded in multiple formats.

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  1. Hey guys. Realized I didn’t explain the real benefits of how the Kespry drone works for aggregate.. Imagine having a huge stockpile of aggregate material such as stone, gravel, sand, etc. How would you even begin to calculate how much inventory is there? Especially when every day more inventory is added and taken away. What is actually quite cool is the drone is able do a flyover to give you an idea of the mass of a given material. It takes that data and is able to provide survey grade accurate representation of the material in a 2D or even 3D model.

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