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In the beginning, you install WordPress; it updates and its fun. You install a few themes, a few plugins and It makes you feel like a master web designer. Five, ten, twenty WordPress sites later updates are no longer fun. Updating 20 + WordPress sites turn into a giant time suck. Just like clockwork, the next version of WordPress comes out. Is it compatible with your current plugins? Is it going to break anything? Is it going to corrupt your MySQL database? Hopefully, you never have to deal with any of those kinds of problems. But now you have to deal with the onslaught of plugin updates. Is the plug-in update going to break your WordPress install? Is bad plug-in going to stop you from logging into your site? Five plugins times 10 WordPress installation is 50 gazillion too many updates to do. But wait now there are theme updates to comply with the latest version features. Did you make custom changes to those theme files because the update just overwrote them? Sorry that theme or plugin is not compatible with WordPress multisite. Also, that other plugin is no longer supported for this version of WordPress because the developer got bored with it and moved on to something else. Finally, your WordPress site has been infected with spam because one of those plugins introduced vulnerabilities because this is WordPress and that happens.

Stop the madness and use service like ManageWP. This service will update all your sites including versions, themes, and plugins with a single click. I’m not kidding this will save you so much time it’s ridiculous. It’s also a free service. GoDaddy recently acquired them, but the primary service hasn’t changed. Alternatively, you pay one of those premium WordPress maintenance services or find someone on Fiverr. Why put yourself thru the hassle of updating anymore. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks a lot like ManageWP.

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