NTLite – Automated Windows Setup

NTLite is a freemium Windows application developed for tech professionals who want to automate, integrate, and streamline Windows installations. It is made by the same developers behind nLite for Windows XP.

The application is useful for those who do a lot of Windows deployments because of the ability to create an unattended setup. The way this works is by editing the install.wim (Windows Image Microsoft) to use a pre-determined Windows license. This is great for those who utilize Microsoft Volume Licensing.

Another feature is the ability to integrate Windows components, updates, and drivers into the installation process. The program allows you to tweak the installer to pre-configure optional Windows features such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Print to PDF. You also have the capability to create user accounts and disable hibernation.

NTLite also gives you the ability to automatically run application installers post-setup. This feature works by executing scripts before the creation of the Windows user accounts. During the post-setup you can run any command that you would normally run through command prompt. In some instances you may be required to research the silent install parameters for whatever application you are wanting to pre-install.

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