nVidia Wants To Control Your Home With nVidia Spot + SHIELD

Your AI Home is an nVidia Shield TV that is integrated with the Hands Free Google Assistant for a smart home media experience. This works by communicating with the nVidia Spot, an AI microphone that connects to a regular power outlet to relay messages to the SHIELD. For this to function properly you will need to have an nVidia spot in each room you want to be able to prompt commands.

Imagine waking up in the morning and saying, “Ok Google – I’m awake”. The nVidia spot will then connect with Google Assistant to start brewing a pot of coffee connected to your SmartThings hub and adjusting your Nest powered thermostat. Telling Spot that it is time to clean up could prompt the smart connected devices to start your dish washer and power up your Roomba.

What makes nVidia Spot unique is that it also allows conversational searches, allowing you to search results from your previous search query. According to nVidia’s CES presentation it will also be the first device to support 4k video from Hulu and Netflix.

Some other popular virtual home assistants are Amazon’s Echo and Google Home; both aiming to take control of the IoT at home.

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