Pillar Technologies – Predictive Analytics to Make Construction Sites Safer

Pillar Technologies

Pillar Technologies is looking to prevent damage on construction sites using sensors, data, and predictive analytics. Pillar is selling boxes packed with sensors that attach to beams, pipes, or walls on site. The boxes keep track of temperature, humidity, fire risks, VOC levels, water leakage, and loud noises and streams that data back to Pillar servers to be analyzed. A box can be attached to a ferrous material with built-in magnets, or attached to nails or screws with a built-in strap. The box features a heavy-duty housing to protect the sensors, and is bright yellow to maximize visibility. The entire package is 6.8 inches by 5.5 inches, and 3 inches deep.

The real value of the system is the predictive analytics and the real-time reporting and alerts. Site managers can respond to threats that would have otherwise been ignored. Sensors are to be mounted one every 2,000 square feet of the building to capture data on the entire construction site. Builders and contractors can get the reporting and analytics from a monthly subscription with Pillar. They can also see the analysis of data over time to show how an entire job is doing from start to finish.

Pillar has demoed their product at 4 sites in 2016 and plan to do another 8 in 2017. They have not released a price yet, but since Pillar handles installation and uninstallation, they say the price will be very affordable.

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