RescueTime : Professional Time Management App

RescueTime is a time management SaaS (software as a service) developed to help you track time taken for daily activities. It was developed with both individuals as well as companies in mind. It is available as a free lite version (weekly reports) along with paid version with daily reporting. The paid version offers a 14 day free trial.

In order to work, RescueTime must be installed on the users computer and mobile devices (compatible with PC, Mac, Android, & Linux). The application then tracks how much time is spent on various apps and programs, connects to the cloud, and displays that information in a dashboard.

You are also able to set daily goals such as only spending up to an hour a day on email, browsing, or other time consuming activities. An alarm can be programmed to go off as reminders of you spending too much time in a given app. The goal here is to increase productivity and efficiency by knowing where you or your employee wastes time.

For those worried about privacy and security, the makers behind RescueTime have stated that the data belongs 100% to the user. They will never sell that data to third-party companies. Users can also delete their data at any time.

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