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For those of us that are right on the line between knowing how to program but not yet good enough to make something you want there is Bubble. I have personally used WordPress for several years and although it is a very powerful content management system you are still bound by the way WordPress handles content, plugins, updates and even user profiles. If you want to make something that fits within those boundaries you’re good to go. When you want to make something that does not fit in those boundaries you get stuck with the dilemma of paying someone to do make it for you or teaching yourself how to program.

That’s the situation I found myself in with a marketplace I was trying to create. With This Marketplace I wanted the ability to handle users differently without having all the overhead that comes with WordPress and a big pile of plugins. Naturally the first route I took was learning web development (aka JavaScript) myself. Which is difficult for many reasons. Even with all the great resources out there, most of which are free, it still takes a long time to teach yourself how to code. To grow those skills to the point you can bring your ideas to life. That’s when I stumbled onto this service called Bubble. Bubble is different than any other kind of the web design tool that I found. Many of the web design tools out there are strictly just for looks. They don’t offer the ability to incorporate any functionality. This is one of the main features I believe that sets Bubble apart. With Bubble, you drag and drop your way to a pixel perfect design, then you point and click your way to functionality. No Coding required. With Bubble, you are not held back by any type of template or structural boundaries. You create your looks. You create your functionality and you determine what happens to the data.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to make you might struggle with Bubble. The fact that it starts with little to no structure could cause a blank page problem. They have started to introduce some simple templates to make development quicker. If you know nothing about web design you might also struggle at first. A basic understanding of web development or web design will help you get up to speed faster. In either case I recommend working thru their tutorials to get a feel for how their UI works and how information flows from one page to another. They even have a free tier.

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