Airblock: Modular Drone by Makeblock – Kickstarter

Airblock is a programmable six-axis starter drone developed by Makeblock. The drone’s design is modular allowing for the user to create different designs to learn about aerodynamics – you can even create a hovercraft.

Hardware: The Airblock is highly customisable.  The fan modules are held to the main structure with magnetic attachments that connect the electronics. Airblock is built with durable foam allowing for accidental crashes without damaging the drone itself or what it collides with. The drone has a flight range of 15 meters (and 5 meters high) and connects to mobile devices through Bluetooth.

Software: The Makeblock app is compatible with both Android and iOS and allows the user to drag-and-drop different commands together to observe and modify. Through the app the user is able to control individual motors as well as pair propellers to get different results. This system is designed specifically to teach programming through problem solving and logical thinking.

Airblock ran a successful Kickstarter campaign backed by 5,307 backers that pledged $829,506. The company behind the Airblock is focused on providing products for STEM learners (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Airblock is set to be released in 2017 at an approximate retail price point of $149.

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