Amazon WorkMail

Amazon WorkMail is a cloud-based business email and calendaring service that offers enterprise-grade security controls and seamless integration with existing desktop and mobile clients. It includes a full list of resources such as email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. No longer do IT departments have to manage email infrastructure, or make expensive up-front investments in on-premise email servers and licensing requirements.  In addition to those cost-saving benefits, AWS WorkMail offers features such as:

  • Full cloud management – administrators have full control over users and mailboxes through the web-based AWS Management Console. Create users, groups, book resources, or add domains.
  • Integration with existing Microsoft Active Directory Service – allows for simplified management of users in both locations and the ability to use existing Active Directory credentials to access your AWS WorkMail account.
  • Mobile device management – capability to enforce specified user security policies for all major mobile devices supporting Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, including remotely wiping users’ devices of all data.
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Exchange server – use AWS WorkMail concurrently with Microsoft Exchange server with no change in user experience, or need for end-user client reconfiguration. Also, use the same corporate domain for mailboxes across both environments and minimize disruption to users during the migration process.
  • Multi-client compatibility and Anywhere Access – provides for syncing with all native iOS and Android email clients, Microsoft Outlook, and any IMAP-supporting client.

AWS WorkMail standard features include:

  • Low cost per user – only $4 per month for 50GB of email storage. AWS WorkMail/WorkDocs bundle packages can be purchased $6 per month per user for 50GB storage for email and 1TB of storage for documents.
  • Industry-standard SSL encryption for all data – retain control of all encryption keys and data locality, meaning you choose which AWS region your data is stored in.
  • Spam, malware, & virus protection – incoming and outgoing mail scanned to help protect both senders and recipients
  • Web-based AWS WorkMail app – feature-rich, browser-based web client that allows for AWS WorkMail access from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Email Journaling – archiving of all email communications sent and received by your organization to help comply with data protection and information security policies.

While AWS WorkMail, and other cloud-based services, offer the ability to provide scalable, reliable, secure solutions that help reduce an organization’s costs, not all companies can utilize them even if they realize the benefits.  Companies in certain industries often have to contend with strict regulations and requirements that still require the use of on-premise equipment and prohibit the use of public cloud providers for security purposes.  One such industry is the lottery.  Many vendors that deal with state and national lotteries are obligated per contracts and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to meet very stringent requirements for their production and enterprise systems, or risk heavy fines and the possible loss of the contract.  It’s issues like these, and many others, that need to be considered when making decisions about deploying or migrating to services like AWS WorkMail.

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