Formula E – Electric Car Racing

 A new branch of Motorsport evolves around the development and refinement of Electric Drivetrain technology, called Formula E.

0-60mph in less than 3 seconds. 300 Brake Horsepower on a frame weighing less than a Geo Metro. Winding tracks that you cannot fit a family sedan through. Speeds limited to 140mph. With all the big Formula 1 names owning teams. All under 80dB. Yes, a Formula E car at top speed is quieter than my Hyundai Elantra at idle.

Now, there are things that the teams cannot change. For example the car’s chassis is built by Spark Racing Technology. Chassis design is from Formula 1 manufacturer, Dallara Automoili. McLaren then added the same electric motor that powers the hybrid hypercar, McLaren P1. Formula E is dripping with motorsport thoroughbreds all working to be the best in the future of motorsport.

Obviously, these monsters run on electricity. This makes pit stops unnecessary, but one stop is required to change cars. With races only lasting 50 minutes, fuel and horsepower are measured in kilowatts. Tire changes are not allowed unless they become damaged. During the race power is limited to 170kW, but during qualifying maximum power is 200kw.

Qualifying session normally last one hour. The drivers are divided into four groups, with each group having six minutes to set their qualifying time. Full power of 200 kW is available throughout with drivers only able to use one car. A Rule change in the second season: the five fastest drivers then go out again, one-by-one, in the Super Pole shoot-out to determine the top five grid positions.

Ultimately, Formula E is going to be a proving ground for electric drivetrain technology.

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