IFTTT – IoT Task Automation

IFTTT or If This Than That, is an automation app that connects online services and mobile apps together for iOS and Android. These applets bring over 360 apps and services together to create “if this, then that” statements for your mobile device.

IFTTT works with services such as Google Drive, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Weather apps, and popular social media apps. You are able to customize your own scripts or pick from the curated collection of Applets they already have available. Some of the interesting Applets I found allow you to:

  • Tell Alexa to find your phone
  • Backup photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to an iOS Photos or Dropbox album (you know for when you want to delete Facebook)
  • Track work hours in Google Drive
  • Sync all your Contacts to a Google Spreadsheet

Apps like this are making it easier for mobile professionals and home users to automate everyday task. This helps tech and business professionals solve problems or perform task without having any particular coding or scripting knowledge. For the tech professional looking to create more robust Applets for their app or service they do have a partner program.

Through the IFTTT partner program you are able to build Applets and embed them straight in your app or website. This also gives you greater exposure by allowing other partner companies to build Applets that work with your services. IFTTT provides you with analytics for how users are utilizing your services, giving you feedback on how to improve your product. IFTTT could benefit tech and non tech professionals alike by making it easier connecting apps and services we use everyday.

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