Manage Subscriptions With Cardlife

Cardlife is a SaaS (software as a service) platform developed to help individuals and businesses keep track of and manage their subscriptions.

The service works by interconnecting with your bank account and a catalog of over 19,000 other SaaS providers. Cardlife then analyses that data and displays it in an easy to comprehend dashboard. Right inside that dashboard you will be shown exactly how many monthly subscriptions you have as well as how much money that equates to monthly and annually.

Cardlife is also able to pull up historical records to see at a glance if certain subscriptions have increased in price. The dashboard allows you to set notifications of price changes as well as letting you know when a subscription is about to renew.

Cardlife also allows you to connect with other Cardlife accounts as well as share that information with others (such as your accountant). All of that data is stored in 256-bit encryption on Cardlife’s servers; while all traffic runs through SSL encryption.

At the time of publishing this post Cardlife is available in three levels: free, starter, and enterprise. The starter is approximately $59 per month and enterprise solutions start off at $999 and up.

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