Scotts Miracle-Gro IoT And The “The Connected Yard”

Spring is right around the corner and for many consumers that means its time to start thinking about their lawn and garden.  Often times, lawn and gardening efforts turn into costly exercises in futility and frustration.  Scotts Miracle-Gro, the leader in lawn and garden products, believes it has a solution to these problems.  At the SXSW Interactive Festival in 2016, Scotts Miracle-Gro unveiled its vision for lawn and gardening in the 21st century with its “Connected Yard” outdoor IoT platform and GRO mobile application. They are part of Scotts Connected Yard Internet of Things (IoT) solution and Water Positive Landscapes water conservation initiatives also announced in 2016.

The Scotts GRO app acts as smart hub for its Connected Yard sensors and water controllers, allowing consumers a way to interface with these devices for automation and remote operation.  The GRO app also analyzes data collected from the outdoor sensors, in addition to hyper-local data on soil type and soil moisture levels of your yard, weather conditions, insect populations, and various plant species.  The app then provides recommendations regarding actions to take and products to use for each stage in the process, including which varieties of grasses, plants and vegetables are likely to grow best. This allows consumers to make highly informed, cost-saving decisions regarding watering, feeding, pest control and other tasks, as well as working to conserve local water resources.  The Scotts GRO app also features step-by-step guides on various gardening projects.

Several IoT technology companies have been acquired by Scotts over the past year in support of its Connected Yard initiviate such Blossom, Rachio, and GeenIQ which produce smart water controllers, and smart soil-sensor companies like Parrot and PlantLink.  In November 2016 Scotts acquired indoor gardening company AeroGrow International, Inc., as it makes a push into the connected indoor gardening space.

By focusing its resources on IoT lawn and garden technology, Scotts is addressing several important issues.  The company’s initiatives are helping in water conservation efforts by providing consumers with the means to make better, more efficient water usage decisions.  Scotts’ Connected Yard solutions and Water Positive Landscape initiative are also helping the company drive product sales by appealing to a newer and younger generation of digitally native consumers.  By driving innovation in the connected yard space, the company is providing products that consumers want in a way they want them, which helps give the consumers the lawn and garden they desire, at the same time lessening the impact of human activities on the environment.

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