Senstone – AI Powered Voice Recorder

Senstone is an AI powered voice recorder that you can wear. The device itself is about the size of a bottlecap and can be worn as a pendant, watch, or clip. It is capable of converting speech to text and integrates with multiple popular apps. The developers state that the Senstone is “five times faster and much more convenient than any smartphone app”.

The smart voice recorder works by picking up your voice through an integrated MEMS (MicroElectrical-Mechanical System) microphone and then saving that recording to your smartphone and cloud. At that point, their servers will translate that speech to text that is able to be modified and then integrated with other apps.

You also have the ability to playback the voice recording. The app allows you to organize your thoughts with hashtags as well as track the location at which the notes were created. The developers also thought about team collaboration for users, making the Senstone able to send messages:

Just say “Tom, I figured you didn’t bring lunch today, so I ordered pizza” and the message is sent.

The hardware behind Senstone runs on a multi-core, BLE (Bluetooth low energy) microcontroller. The Lithium battery holds 80mAh and can last an average of 4 days of use, and only takes approximately 30 minutes to recharge. The microphones remain in an active listening mode and able to pick up the sound of the snap of your fingers (or tap) to begin a new recording. Those recordings are secure with AES-128 bit encryption.

At the time of writing Senstone is still in an active KickStarter campaign and has nearly tripled their funding goal of $50,000. The device has an estimated retail of $145 and is available to backers at a significant discount. The device currently supports multiple languages including English, Russian, German, Arabic, and others.

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  1. This is an interesting gadget. Unfortunately in these days I find it still a bit scary. If people don’t want to accept google glasses I can hardly see how they would justify anyone wearing this.

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