SPUD: Spontaneous Pop-up Display by Arovia — Kickstarter

The SPUD ( spontaneous pop-up display) is a 24 inch collapsible pop up display designed for individuals who need both portability and a large screen.

The display itself is designed with Texas Instruments DLP technology combined with custom optics that gives a bright and crisp image. That brightness is adjustable between 350 and 785 nits (visible light intensity). This allows you to use the SPUD is both bright and dim lighting environments.

The SPUD runs on battery power and advertises a 4-10 hour life; dependent on what brightness you have it set to. The battery is rechargeable through USB power adapters as well as able to power and charge devices through that same USB-C port. This gives you the ability to have have a truly wireless media experience; great for remote setups.

SPUD collapses and expands like a traditional umbrella. The screen material has been developed to minimize wrinkles. The display gives you a 16:9 HD 720p resolution that is able to be connected to any device that supports HDMI. The SPUD has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and weighs in a just under 2 pounds.

The SPUD is developed by Arovia and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign of $711,397 from 1,901 backers. It is available for pre-order at an estimated retail price of $399 – $499.

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