Switch Bot – Retrofit Old Devices For IoT

Switch-Bot is an IoT switch produced by Wonder Tech Lab that is capable of remotely turning on/off any rocker style switch or mechanical button. It is capable of being controlled by any iOS or Android device as well as other IoT devices such as Amazon Echo, SmartThings, WeMo and many more.

The idea is to make any traditional switch or button remotely controllable without running cable or changing out the switches themselves. The Switch-Bot connects to each other through a Bluetooth mesh network that is also interlinked with the Switch Link; connecting it to your WIFI.

The device simply uses 3M tape to adhere next to the switch/button. The Switch-Bot works by receiving commands from your smart device via wifi or Bluetooth (80 meters open field). Once the Switch-Bot receives a command it uses a small robotic arm to push a button; it also comes with an small sticker to allow the arm to pull up on a rocker style switch.

The developers have given users the ability to create IFTTT (If This Then That) recipes directly within the app. IFTTT recipes would allow you to do all sorts of automated tasks such as:

“If I walk into the hallway, then turn on the lights.” or even, “If my alarm clock rings, then brew coffee”

These IFTTT recipes could also allow you to turn on your TV when a certain show comes as well as control your bedroom light by voice. Switch-Bot is powered by a replaceable lithium battery that should last approximately 2 years. The “world’s smallest remote robot” ran a successful Kickstarter campaign backed by nearly 700 people and is set to ship in March 2017. It will later be available at an estimated retail price of $19 per Switch-Bot.

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  1. Truly? People see benefits in those kind of things? I mean, yes, there probably are usefull IoT devices out there or comming out, but I personally do not see benefit to systems that switch on equipment for me.

    • Hey S. Thanks for the comment! I think the benefit here is being able to retrofit older devices. Sure, you can buy a coffee maker that is already programmable.. but the IFTTT capabilities is what makes it interesting to me.

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