The Intel Galileo Board For Arduino IoT Projects

The Intel Galileo is an Arduino certified board built for makers, students, DIY folks, and educators in mind. It runs on a single-core Intel Quark processor with 256Mb DDR3 ram. It is capable of supporting both Power Over Ethernet or alternatively being powered over a 7-15v DC jack.

Galileo is currently in generation 2 and has the following expandability:

  • 10/100 Ethernet port (also PoE capable)
  • Serial port (compatible with FTDI USB converters)
  • Micro USB port as well as full size USB port
  • Arduino 1.0 pinouts
  • Micro SD slot (supports up to 32Gb)
  • Mini PCI express slot
  • 6 pin TTL UART header

Developers have already been able to take the platform and make digital doorbells, smart temperature monitors for stove tops, and equipment activity monitors that track usage through sound and vibration sensors.

Galileo is especially interesting as a viable hardware paired with the Amazon Greengrass technology we mentioned previously. Because of the low power requirements it is possible to power the Galileo with small 12v solar panels. This makes it a great option for bringing IoT applications in rural environments.

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