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Finding easy and novel ways to interact with home devices has been a decades-old pursuit in the consumer electronics industry.  Even with the availability of smart home gadgets, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, the best the industry has to show for its efforts thus far has been sound-activated switch called The Clapper from the ‘80s and ‘90s.  Anyone who has ever owned one of those knows that they did not quite live up to consumers’ expectations or the marketing hype.

Enter Bjoern Karmann, a student at the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design, and his device called The Objectifier.  The Objectifier is a gesture-programmable camera with machine vision and AI capable of being “trained” by its user and attached to various electronic devices.  Once attached to a device, the pre-programmed gestures can be used interact with and control the device. While interaction with The Clapper and other such devices has been primarily one dimensional (sound activation only), one important feature of the Objectifier is that it can be trained to recognize a wide range of gestures.  One simple example Karmann uses is training The Objectifier to turn off a light when you close a book you are finished reading instead of you having to manually turn off the light yourself.

There are two important aspects to Bjoern Karmann’s invention.  The first is that this product literally gives anyone the ability to train a neural network and interact with higher-level technology.  Consumers do not need to how to write a single line of code, or have any real knowledge about how AI systems work in order to make novel use of The Objectifier.  Even if they do, in fact, know how to program computer systems users do not have to actually write code by manually typing characters, compiling, etc.  The other important aspect of The Objectifier is that it finally provides a real evolution in the way consumers interface with their devices in their everyday lives.

There has not been any information on pricing released to date, and it is yet to be seen if The Objectifier will even make it out of the prototype stage and into the commercialization stage of the Product Life Cycle.  In addition, The Objectifier could use a name change before it makes it to the consumer market if it hopes to have any real chance of mass adoption (especially from the ladies).

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