InnovizOne – High-Definition Solid State LiDAR


The InnovizOne is an affordable and compact high-definition solid-state LiDAR sensor designed for use in autonomous vehicles.  It is used to generate highly accurate, real-time 3D images of a vehicle’s surrounding environment.  Making its debut at CES 2017 this past January, the InnovizOne is manufactured by Innoviz Technologies, Ltd. , an Israeli start-up company founded in 2016 by Omer Keilaf, Oren Rosenzweig, Oren Buskila and Amit Steinberg.

The InnovizOne’s LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology works by continuously and rapidly transmitting pulses of light within a 100˚ x 25˚ enhanced field of view up to a range of 200m. As these light pulses reflect off of various objects at different ranges within the sensor’s field of view, this data is captured and analyzed by the InnovizOne.  A resulting 3D map of the vehicle’s surroundings is generated logically within the sensor’s integrated circuit, essentially giving a vehicle “eyes” to see the world with.  In addition, the InnovizOne has advanced features such as the ability to selectively enhance detection in a focused area of interest while simultaneously continuing to scan its broader field of view in full frame rate and resolution.

The real value of the InnovizOne is its ability to deliver an accurate and compact real-time 3D mapping solution at a $100 price point.  Autonomous driving solutions up until now have been costly for both automobile manufacturers and the vast majority of consumers.   By incorporating technology like the InnovizOne LiDAR sensor, automobile manufacturers will be able to manufacture autonomous vehicles at a much lower price thus making them more affordable for the mass market.  Lower cost will allow for more wide-spread adoption of self-driving vehicles by consumers.

The InnovizOne’s low cost should encourage more open-source development projects for autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots by recreational hobbyists and inventors.  This will, in turn, drive faster innovation in the field autonomous vehicles, not just automobiles.  With a little bit of ingenuity and a penchant for risk, now you too can turn your car into a self-driving vehicle on the cheap!

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