Kai – Behind The Ear Smart Assistant

Kai is a behind the ear smart voice assistant that connects to a regular pair of glasses. The device itself attaches to the glasses using one of three different sizes of silicon casing. Kai works by the user saying, “OK Hound”; after which it listens for your command.

What makes Kai different than other voice assistance is the use of bone conduction transducers. When placed directly behind the ear the Kai causes vibrations that travel through your eardrum and cochlea; ensuring you can hear the digital assistant clearly without others around you also hearing what is going on. All that people around you will hear is just a slight sound that is not clear enough to be distinguished.

Kai uses a LiPo ( Lithium Polymer ) battery and charges via a standard MicroUSB port. The Kai uses Bluetooth to connect to any modern smartphone and the Houndify app. The Houndify app gives you access to your entire phone; allowing for voice calls, sending text messages, checking the weather, and even calling for an Uber.

At the time of writing the Kai is in an active Kickstarter campaign and has reached nearly 50% of their funding goal. Kai will have an estimated retail price of $200; available at a discount for backers.

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