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LiquidSky is a PCaaS ( PC as a service ) that allows users to play high-end PC games on regular PCs, Mac, Linux, and mobile Android devices.

The idea is to offer a subscription service where gamers can have access to state of the art hardware without having to outright purchase a high-end gaming computer. This means a gaming experience without having to worry about infections, maintenance, or upgrading the computers themselves.

LiquidSky requires a minimum of a 5 Mbs internet speed for the end user. The servers are run on IBM’s SoftLayer environment one a 1Gbps connection. You are essentially streaming a Windows Server 2016 environment. This means that you can take advantage of SoftLayer’s internet speed to download and stream from your LiquidSky system. This environment enables users to install games in seconds and have them ready to play.

The service works by users having credits that can be purchased. These credits are then spent on accessing one of three levels of gaming systems; Gamer, Pro, and Elite. As a benchmark you can see what each level is capable of playing Battlefield 1 at:

  • Gamer – medium graphics settings with no mods at 720p and 30fps.
  • Pro – High graphics settings with no mods at 1080p and 60fps.
  • Elite – Ultra graphics settings with mods enabled at 4k and 60fps.

At the CES 2017 keynote, Ian McLoughlin (founder) states that the Elite package is the equivalent of running a $3,000 computer.” Although the company has not disclosed exactly how they have solved latency issues; they do state that you should be within 500 – 1,500 kilometers from one of the data centers.

Although users can purchase credits for gaming with no advertisements; there will be a freemium version making the service the “world’s first free gaming PC” as the founder calls it. At the time of writing about six minutes of ads will yield about an hour worth of game time.

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