LiquidSky – Streamed Gaming From Dedicated PC’s

In 2015, the pioneer of the online video game streaming OnLive was acquired by Sony and closed down. LiquidSky is looking to take up the mantle for cloud-based, streaming PC gaming in the near future. The big draw of these services is that you can rent a high-performance PC in the cloud and they will stream ultra high-definition gaming goodness at 60fps to your computer (or Android device in the case of LiquidSky) for the fraction of the cost of the hardware. OnLive closed down because of latency and input lag caused the games to be frustratingly unplayable in addition to having a lack of content in terms of games. LiquidSky hopes to remedy all of that with their new service.

LiquidSky promises that your SkyComputer (LiquidSky’s name for your cloud-based PC) will be able to download and run any games that are currently on available on Windows.According to the FAQ on their site, you will have to log into your own gaming services profiles in order to access your library. On the plus side, LiquidSky doesn’t have to worry about not having content since what you own is what you can play. Once you download the LiquidSky app on your chosen device and download the games to the SkyComputer, you should be able to play without delay. Additionally, the SkyComputer is a normal Windows machine so you can install other software to do programming, video editing or other resource intensive tasks or just watch YouTube if that is your fancy.

LiquidSky offers 3 pricing tiers as well:

  • Free Plan – Ad Supported plan with up to 3 free hours (3 SkyCredits) of access and 100GB SkyStorage for games. Unused SkyCredits rollover. This trial is only good for 3 days.
  • Pay-As-You-Go – starts at $4.99 and turns off Ads. Includes 100GB of SkyStorage and Priority Support.
  • Monthly Plan – starts at $9.99 per month includes Priority Support, and 1TB of SkyStorage and of course no ads. Also any unused SkyCredits rollover.

SkyCredits are the currency LiquidSky uses to measure time spent in the SkyComputer, like an internet cafe. 1 SkyCredit equals 1 hour of access in the High-Performance Package and 2 SkyCredits equals 1 hour of access in the Ultra High-Performance Package. LiquidSky has 20 data centers all over the world, with more coming soon. They suggest being within 932 miles (1,500 kilometers) of a data center for optimal results.

I have some reservations about this service (mainly how will they handle account security for anything we sign into on the SkyComputer) but the doors open in March 2017 and I will give it a try (with a test account of course). As of this writing, over 1.4 million people have signed up for beta access and free trials are rolling out in waves. You can sign up at the link below.

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