MaxFocus – Remote Monitoring and Management

MaxFocus is an RMM (remote monitoring and management ) tool for managed service providers. The service is also capable of directly integrating with the parent companies ticketing and backup systems. The tool works by installing an agent on the workstations and servers; giving you a dashboard for modifying and accessing the included programs. The main programs and features include:

Patch Management  – Able to quickly check for Windows and third-party updates and seamlessly download and install on many devices at once.

Security – At the time of writing the suite includes BitDefender; previously it provided Vipre. You are able to update definitions and run scans across any amount of devices all through a single dashboard.

Remote Access – MaxFocus comes bundled with a modified distribution of TeamViewer called Take Control; this allows for unattended access to remote computers.

Web Protection – Ability to block websites as well as specific categories of websites from individual devices. Also able to provide “unblock” times for specific websites such as allowing employees to access social media during lunch break.

The key benefit here is to have a “single pane of glass” for the technician to easily monitor and manage many devices. At the time of writing MaxFocus is available at a per device price with no long-term contracts.

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