MicroEJ – Embedded Software Solutions For IoT Devices

MicroEJ, headquartered in France, provides an entire ecosystem of embedded software solutions for IoT devices.  In order for IoT devices to be economical enough to deploy at scale they need to become smaller, less expensive to manufacture, and have the ability to operate for a long duration at low power.  The software that runs these devices, therefore, must also be lightweight and energy efficient. Unfortunately, much of the embedded software available for use in today’s connected devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, has a large footprint and requires too many resources to be a viable option in low-power IoT devices.

MicroEJ offers a set a set of ready-to-use tools for developers to prototype, design, test, and deploy embedded IoT applications. The MicroEJ OS is a compact (<30 KB footprint), customized, portable, secure, and scalable real-time-operating system (RTOS) designed to run on 32-bit ARM Cortex embedded microcontrollers.  It allows for custom or third-party Java applications to run on a C platform and provide a smartphone-like, app-driven user interface.  Applications are downloadable from the MicroEJ Application Store or cloud-based services, allowing device manufacturers to create an entire application ecosystem for their products like mobile phones and tablets have access to. The MicroEJ Studio IDE, built on Eclipse for Java programming, includes unique simulation technology that gives developers the capability to test and debug their applications on a PC while simulating their embedded environment, and then easily drop their application onto the target hardware within minutes.

With MicroEJ’s tools and products, entrepreneurs can offer scalable, safe, cost-effective and user-friendly embedded IoT solutions that can be tailored specifically to consumers’ needs.  Products such Interactive displays in retail stores, self-service kiosks, and access control devices have more design and form-factor options now.  In addition, they can be rolled out much faster and easier, while simultaneously providing a high-quality user experience through multi-app functionality.

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