PhotoBulk – Quickly Optimize Images

PhotoBulk is a desktop application that allows the user to quickly watermark, resize, optimize, and rename images in bulk. The software is available for both Windows and Mac; with both a free demo and pro version available.

This program is useful for professionals who need to quickly perform the same tedious task to many pictures; such as watermarking. The watermarks feature allows you to add either an image based watermark as well as text based. PhotoBulk also has compression capabilities for decreasing image file-size; which is helpful for people needing to optimize images for web. This feature allows you to adjust the image compression with a slider user interface.

PhotoBulk is relevant as a cheaper one-time purchase alternative to Photoshop (subscription based). No, it isn’t feature packed and as powerful as Photoshop.. But would be a good choice for users just needing basic optimization features. At the time of writing PhotoBulk Pro is available for an estimated retail price of $19.99.

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