Qube Smart Bulb

Qube is a new $29 smart bulb that allows users to select from 16 million colors with that comes in three different sizes without the use of a hub which is common in these devices. Qube is different from other smart bulbs by being Wi-Fi & Bluetooth capable while being dimmable as well. The smart bulb has a few things working for it, such as an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours with a reported Lumen rating of 1000. 1 Lumen is equal to the brightness of the light that one birthday candles generate from a foot away. For another comparison, an old 60-watt incandescent light bulb generally 800 lumens. Qube supports Android and iOS and other than being half the cost of competing smart light bulbs, it comes with a ton of features.

The first feature which is common in a lot of smart bulbs and devices is that the lights can be scheduled to turn OFF or ON at the times/days that of your choosing. Of course, you can select the color of the lights when you turn them on. The second major feature is called Sense Automation which uses the Bluetooth on a smart device and the Qube smart bulb to sense where you are in the house and run automation based on your preferences. One thing to note is that the Sense Automation seems to only connect to low-energy smart devices such as FitBit and the like. Other features included integration with IFTTT (If This Then That) for advanced automation setups, notifications through the smart light when your phone gets a call or a message, and Moods which simply allow you to choose one of the 16 million colors to match your mood.

There are a few downsides to the Qube. According to Amazon reviews, the app seems to only be on Android at the time of this article, the colors aren’t uniform across different bulbs, and up close, the LEDs in the bulbs are very visible up close, along with a faulty dimmer function. Qube’s IndieGogo campaign was funded 540% ($625k) in December 2015 with a shipping date of November 2016 but yet releases without support for 50% of the smartphone market (iOS).

Some things are too good to be true it seems.

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