Sentio Superbook – Turn Your Android Phone Into A Laptop

The Superbook by Sentio is a docking station of sorts that allows you to turn your Android smartphone into a laptop; with its built in screen, touchpad, and keyboard. It also supports Windows and Mac based tablets, laptops, and PC sticks. The Superbook combines with the Sentio app to give you a desktop- like user interface for your Android device.

Superbook gives the user an 11.6” HD 720/768p display along with a keyboard and multi-touch trackpad. That display also has an optional upgrade to 1080p. You will also notice that the keyboard has the standard Android navigation shortcut keys for ease of use. The device itself is advertised with 8+ hours of battery life; and is also able to charge your phone simultaneously. It connects to your Android device through Type-C or micro B.

One great benefit is the use of the Sentio app (formerly Andromium) that allows the user to have multi-window support from an Android phone. Superbook requires that your phone has at least a dual-core CPU and 1.5Gb of ram, and supports Android 5.0 and above. Superbook is also handy for Windows and Mac as an additional screen.

Superbook went through a successful Kickstarter campaign; raising nearly $3,000,000 from 16k+ backers. At the time of writing it is available as pre-order starting at an estimated price of $139 with optional upgrades.

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