Coffee with Geeks is a relaxed conversation between Eli and tech professionals about the current state of the technology landscape that happens to be being watched by a few thousand viewers from around the world.

The basic concept came from my frustration that I can’t translate all of the lessons I have learned from the people I deal with on a daily basis to my viewing audience.  I sit down and have amazing conversations about what is REALLY working or failing right NOW with impressive people, and yet sadly when I speak to my audience they think I just pull these ideas out of my ass… This series is a way to show the viewer how Geeks really talk and think.

We use Google Hangout on Air to do the sessions so guests simply need a decent internet connection, and a quiet place to talk. Generally the sessions are an hour or less, but if you like to talk I’ll let you go until you run out of breath.

This is a talk show so english fluency is an absolute requirement.  It’s best to have someone that can speak natively to allow for “banter”.  These sessions are both educational and entertaining so obviously the more back and forth there can be the better the show will be received.

You can see the Coffee with Geeks Playlist on youTube here:

And the older Interview Playlist here: