A core belief of Silicon Discourse is that we should not “trap” our members in our system.  Many, sadly most, modern social networks try to trap their members into using their platform by having profiles, contacts, messaging and such not be transferable off of their platform. I personally find this attitude a shade away from being evil.

To make sure that our members are not trapped in our system we rely on Gravatar as a way for members to provide their contact information and biography to other members.  You’re able to list your social network usernames, email addresses, websites, etc.  So if a member wants to communicate with another member they can look at their Gravatar profile and email the address that’s published.

Your Gravatar profile is associated to your email address.  So any site that makes use of Gravatar profiles that you register on will show the same profile. To register please go to: http://en.gravatar.com/