We are constantly on the look out for good tech writers.  If you are interested in writing for GSN please email Press@GeekSexyNews.com with the URL to your LinkedIn Profile, and URL’s to your online writings (Medium/ WordPress/ Blogger).

GSN ONLY Hire’s 1099 Contractors

At this point all writers are 1099 contractors, and we abide both by the text, and the spirit of the IRS rules pertaining to this.  We simply pay for output of content, and have zero say on how that content is created.  We may provide things such as GeekSexyNews.com email addresses, but this is simply used for workflow and security purposes, not to state that the writer is an employee and has any other rights other than creating content.

How Much Does GSN Pay?

We pay $25 USD per post through PayPal.

GSN Only Contracts With Residents of the United States

1099 contracting with US residents is a very easy, low stress task for GSN.  You write posts, we write checks, and at the end of the year we ship off a 1099.  When dealing with foreign nationals there can be numerous layers of bureaucracy, and tax law. Some countries have onerous rules, other do not.  At this point GSN is simply unwilling to expend the compliance cost to determine who we are allowed to pay.  The goal is to be able to contract with foreigners in the future, we do highly value their input, but that will be once we have time/ money to deal with lawyers and accountants about it.

GSN Only Looks For Tech Professionals

Many tech websites are being written for by 23 year old liberal arts majors and it shows in their content.  Technology is a complicated topic if you don’t work in the field, and we run into many issues that are horribly counterintuitive. What the book says you should do, and what you need to do in the field rarely match.  We want tech professionals as writers so that they understand the difference.  We will accept help desk technicians with 6 months experience because they are actually doing the work, but not good writers that want to dabble in tech.

LinkedIn Profiles Are Required

On the internet the most difficult, and many times important task, is verifying people’s identity and their standing.  LinkedIn is a simple, and free way to do that.  Not only does GSN use these profiles internally, but also when writers reach out to vendors/ professionals having a LinkedIn profile makes it easier for them to accept you as a professional.

Previous Blog/ Online Writing Is Required

Term papers, company reports, and such are not going to be used for determining whether to hire a writer.  Online writing is different than offline writing, and it’s important to know whether the writer understands this.  We have the capabilities to tweak adequate posts, but not the time to teach how to write for the web consumers.  Additionally we want to know that the writer understands what is required to keep up with the output they agree to.  Writing for us is easy if you have the knack for it, and brutally hard if not.

The core idea for writing for GSN is we’re looking for tech professionals that are writing blog posts already.  They already know why blogging is valuable to their career.  They already know how to write for the format.  They already know how long it takes them to spit out a post. Our selling point is that they can basically do what they’re doing now, but also earn beer money, be published on a site that gets more than double digit visitors a day, AND have something for their resume that looks more impressive than a “mommy blog”.

GSN Does Not Accept FREE Work (Generally)

Many foreigners and others ask if they can for us for free for any number of reasons. Generally speaking the answer is , “no”. The reason for this is that GSN is being built as a real business, and over the years I have found that accepting “free” work ends up draining a surprising amount of resources.  People feel that since they’re working for free that they don’t really have to abide by whatever they agreed to. Quality can be a rollercoaster ride, and people’s feelings always end up getting hurt.  Beyond that… the whole “free” user generated content is a crock of crap in my book.  As someone with deep roots to West Virginia I know how hard people fought for the labor rights we take for granted today. Volunteer work is great when you’re solving an underfunded public need, but you have to be a bit of a ____ to have people work for free so that you can afford a vacation home…

Why the “Generally” is added to this rule is that under certain circumstances we may accept guest posts.  This is targeted towards folks that could care less about $25, and are solid professionals simply looking for an outlet for their work.  Martin Lehner, a prolific writer for GeekBrainDump.com, may be an example.  He owns an MSP with employees, vehicles, a building, and is expanding to new cities.  The issue is he’s a Canadian… If he wanted to submit posts we’d accept them because I have a long standing relationship with him, and there’s no hidden questions or expectations with the work.