July 27, 2017

Ask your questions for Eli and the rest of the Silicon Discourse community here.  Build your reputation by giving advice to others too!


Hello Community and Eli. Been watching Eli before CES mainly classes, and then after CES became complete subscriber. So from age 18 to 20 been a fan. From classes to 10$ Skype meetings, to interviews, to words like kerfuffle and milktoast, to conferences, to 2hr shows, I truly have learned to respect and hold Eli’s POV minus family​ friendly shit; in high regards. With a decade of experience and years of free content I would like to say Thank You.

Now enough razzle my 5$ a month question to you, Eli is do you mind when fans like myself turn your uploaded content into micro content and redistribute it onto their platforms for 2017 media (meme, gifs, medium blog post, etc) with credit to owner.

Before executing on a Facebook page, I’ve been using Instagram analytics to gauge what my fan base would be like by posting things as my brand and testing my proof of concept. I grinded to 500+ followers on and off, 72% of  them male 18-34. Furthermore, most of my post consist of pov of art and music, and pov business topics from people like Gary vee, Elliot hulse, Dame Dash and Dr Boyce Watkins.

End goal it to have a body of work similar to your lessons, that I can show to small business owners to prove to them that I can provide social media branding and marketing solutions/ tactics.

And if this shit fails I’ll just take my towns 75k a year computer specificalist job at 25. Finishing CIS major while working at microcenter for almost a year and past  5 months in BYO (leaned hard way with no prior knowledge haven’t been fired yet so doing a good job). Thanks