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Hi Eli,

Many of us noticed that you are knowledgeable about Elon Musk, and you brought up his companies several times in your videos including SpaceX. I understand from earlier videos that you don’t always agree with Elon – such as his disconcerting promises to his unhappy factory workers. But despite that, I still think the man is a modern day genius. I also think that populating Mars within the next few decades will be the next major technological breakthrough.

The reusable Falcon 9 already showed us that rockets will be much more affordable, and SpaceX is already running out of storage space for all the reusable rockets they brought back. The Falcon Heavy test later this year will already be technologically capable of sending people to Mars, and it too will be mostly reusable. What’s fascinating to me is that no one seems to be talking about this, and nobody I know is sharing my excitement.

How do you think populating Mars will impact the tech profession within the next few decades?

How do you think people today could invest in or benefit from this future?

Thanks again,



For the industry at large I’m not sure it will really matter.  I’m sure just as now technology will filter down, but over all I don’t think the tech will be applicable to most of us.


The low number of people landing on Mars means most tech their will be very niche.