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What are everyone’s thoughts on company vehicles.  How much would it matter to have some rust on vehicles?  Would it make a company look overprices etc if all vehicles are newer and looking really nice?  Seems like there must be an effective balance with cost, function, and appearance.


Any input on using an ambulance for a tech company?  Could make interesting “to the rescue” marketing plan.


Honestly, the newer the better. Real clients (those that are real businesses, organizations, etc) aren’t going to have that “oh look at all the money those guys make !” attitude. Real clients, especially those in business themselves, know what operating expenses cost, etc etc. More so, real clients want prompt, professional service from a provider that they believe they can rely on, day in and day out. This means that showing up in a newer or brand new car is good for your company’s overall impression and reputation. Clients aren’t going to worry about whether or not you’re going to be able to make it next time because last time your 1974 VW Rabbit didn’t want to start in their parking lot.

Perhaps if you show up in a Ferrari, that might be a different story. But a basic, run of the mill car ? Absolutely, the nicest one you can afford is the way to go. As I posted below, my fleet is primarily Smart cars. These are cheap, very fuel efficient and they stand out. I now own 5 of them and plan on getting a few more.