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Hey Eli,

With the recent introduction of headless or simplified devices (such as smartphones or NEST thermostats, basically devises users do not think about securing on their networks,) running a full Linux stack, as well as the recent increase in leaks of internal government tools. What do you think the future of cyber security will look like?

A recent article in the New York Times caught my attention covering a virus using the EternalBlue toolkit that acted like ransom ware while stealing credentials. Do you think this is a new normal or just the fallout of the NSA toolkit dump?

NYT Article:


I figure it will be the new normal for awhile.  The problem is that vendors do not take ongoing support seriously.  They still think they’re selling toasters, and consumers don’t realize the issues.

I figure at the end of the day they’ll develop a hardened stack that will be more secure, but that will be years off.