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Thanks for the Daily Blob, it’s f-ing upfront, raw and brutal just like the real world! Retired military dude and total FNG to tech world looking to break into the CyberSecurity field. Currently working on CompTIA certs A+, Net+, and Security+ – GI Bill dollars. Thoughts and/or advice?




Eli has said countless times that the A+ Cert is garbage and has been irrelevant for over 10 years. He also says that a cyber security job is something you work up to after being in tech for a number of years. This helps understand the common mistakes humans make that leave security holes.

So you should first break into IT by doing something like programming for a few years then you can think about getting into security, which is a specialisation.


Hi BH. Do you have a military / government security clearance ? That would be a HUGE help for this particular field.

I’m sure Eli will give you the run down on what he thinks about people who push the “cyber security industry”. And for the most part he’s absolutely correct. There are not that many jobs out there for cyber security professionals. Usually, cyber security is complimentary to other jobs, like network administrators or web developers. It can be tough to find a job strictly as a cyber security professional.

That being said, having a government security clearance is probably your best ticket in. Government sub-contractors, government agencies, etc etc, are where a good portion of these jobs are.

Onto the certs. Sorry to tell you, but while CompTIA’s certifications are a good foundational start, they alone will not land you a job. Think of CompTIA like the High School Diploma of the technology world. It’s not a bad thing to have, but it really isn’t going to get you very far on its own.