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Eli, I got hit up to create a database for a small company. I will be creating a Microsoft Access database. How much do you think I should charge for the building of the database but not the implementation? They want a database to store client information and track client events.

2 tables

4 forms

3 queries

2 reports


I second the question of how long it will take you. $50.00 per hour is pretty cheap as mentioned in the comment below, so I think you’d be highly competitive at that rate.


How long will it take you? I built an Access database for a company a couple of years ago and I found a lot of it was ‘shoe leather costs’ rather than actually sitting down and creating the queries etc – I was going between offices, waiting for them to make decisions, things like that. I’d recommend charging by the hour, and logging your time – what you charge per hour is up to you, but for building an Access database I’d go for minimum of about $50 per hour. Good luck with it anyway, I enjoyed working in Access, which surprised me!