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I see many social media sites with the ability to delete our accounts.  Do you believe we will always have this ability.  Perhaps in the future accounts will simply always exists.  Perhaps in the future tech companies will be so big that every time a human is born, tech companies get a copy of the birth certificate and an account is created for that individual to be activated at their earliest convenience.


When I killed my Facebook account it just allowed me to deactivate and not delete… so I guess the questions already answered…


I’d guess a company like facebook would want to keep their overheads low and their servers running, so they probably wouldn’t keep account data that the user had deleted. Probably. Who knows, it is pretty scary to think how much is logged in some sql database somewhere these days, millennials and such get a hard time, but they’ve had to grow up with a lot of their life exposed and recorded. My generation didn’t have to do that, we had some privacy to make mistakes, the absolute worst that would happen in the 90s is that some guy would write an email love poem to some girl, and somebody would print it off and stick it on the noticeboard at school (which is the only ‘cyber-bullying’ incident I can remember from when I was at school).


From what I can see you will always be able to delete your accounts from whatever you use.  Do people do it, probably more than you think, myself included as I do not have a whole lot of accounts setup or active and only utilize a handful of different platforms that I deem a valuable use of my time.

What I’ve done in the past is manually delete individual data i.e. posts, messages and etc. before doing the full on deleted part where the account is inaccessible from me or anyone else.

However, unless you work for said company and have the proper access there’s no telling how permanent of a deletion the current process is to delete your account off of a platform.  But with my skill sets and understanding of how an overall infrastructure is engineered and designed…. common sense tells me it is a fairly permanent process with sometimes a small window of 30 days or something before your information is permanently purged.


With any of these platforms we’ll always have the option, it doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint when you only have x amount of resources at your disposal and that goes for the biggest of biggest companies.




Benjamin Conner