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I found another web developer bootcamp:

I already visited them, and they told me that the bootcamp (Academy) I was going before was not good for me because they focus in certifications. In the new bootcamp I was shown the student projects, and told me that the average student earns 48,000~$ upon graduation. They do a lot of projects, meetups and free seminars. The ratio student professor is 4 to 1. I spoke with a sales person that knows how to code, and I also speak with the director of the program. This guy in the video giving classes is the director:

The reason I asked you for the requirements of the other bootcamp was that the sales representative told me to go to a Barnes & Noble and ask for the requirements there.

I spoke with a small business owner and two software engineers, and they told me that in Miami there are hiring a lot for PHP and .NET developers. They also told me that the new bootcamp would be much better for me. I am going to two meetups this week.

The cost of the new bootcamp: 15,000$ . (5,000 in a grant and 10,000 in a student loan)

What Do you think?

Thank you for your honest advice.


This bootcammp looks a lot better than the other one. You are going to some meetups and thats good although so far you have only spoken with their sales representative and few others regarding this specific bootcamp. I think you should try find some people that have experience with this bootcamp, other than sponsors and people actually tied to the organization in order to get more information from a different stance/perspective.

The link: isnt working for me?


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