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I just noticed that recently the people are starting to become disconnected from human interactions and are becoming more absorbed in their gadgets and their social media.

I was at a coffee shop and noticed about 70% of people were absorbed in their phones and their little social media universe.


Is there a way to break the cycle and how we as humans interact with one another I mean technology is great and the boom of online shopping industry is a livesaver. Social media is nice to stay connected to peoplein different areas of the country such as people on the east coast to the west coast, but when will we as a society determine that there is just too much technology in our lives and break the habit of constantly being connected and available?


I’ve tried to have conversations at business meetings with colleagues and noticed the anxious look on their faces as they cannot see their phones or are unable to spur on a conversation before digging into their pockets or purses for a phone or a crutch.



What are your thoughts on interactions in 2017 moving into the future.

Do you see interactions being more technology driven and based off a system with likes and tweets or more human interactions where people connect to one another again and speak face to face?


The Netflix show Black mirror did a good job of depicting our obsession with social media and how people have a growing obsession to share everything at all times.

Season 3

Episode is called “NoseDive”



Step One – Take them fishing

Step Two – “Drop” their phone in the lake

Step Three – Tell them to “shut up and catch fish”


My wife and I were in a cabin a few years ago and she started reading a book about how the world was starting to move too fast… it was from 1912…

Communication changes… I used to sit in family members houses in the back hills of West Virginia at night sitting around a dinning room table with the overhead light on watching the flies buzz around… that kinda sucked to be honest… I suppose we all knew each other better, but… we were all kinda boring…

I had a buddy of mine who had to sneak to read.  LITERALLY father felt reading was a waste of time so at night, after he went to bed, he’d go over to the crack under his door where the light shone in and read… no crap… not a joke..!

So the whole “fear the new” is a bit over blown.  People are watching screens instead of flies… not sure ones better or worse…

For you you just have to find a place that makes you happy.  There are vibrant towns, and silent suburbs… find a place with a community you get along with and you’ll do fine…


Hey mate,

It seems to be a global phenomenon wherever there is 3G coverage… doesn’t matter what country.

Being 24 the IPhone 3G came out just after Graduating high school.

The 6 or so years later I’m seeing everyone absorbed in their phones or tablets. Relatives who a couple of years ago would never have touched a computer are sitting on their phones.

I really think it’s slowing down the progress of things happening in towns. It’s getting harder to meet people off line.   People seem to be doin less and making less time to meet up.  And relationships seem to be disposable .

I’m going back to college for the first time in six years I’m hoping to be able to just mingle without anyone using their phone.

I’ve given up worrying what others are doing, as long as you’re with a group of people or even just one and you’s make the conscious effort to  barely use your phones or even leave them behind.

It makes the world of difference.