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Eli, you talk about Long Form, Short Form, Click Bait and how much you love advice from microchannels (LMAO) you explained in detail the benefits of YouTube Red to creators but you never mention that YouTube offers “Paid Content” and even “Paid Channels”

Is there a reason you avoid these in practice and conversation? because I have thought of them but I have 49 subs so I think I’ll take the advice from the guy with 800,000+ before I end up in a shit show.

and can you clear up something you say main channel 800,000+ Eli Live 100,000+ and Fail Normal 10,000+ is there any way to tell say just in Main Channel and Live is that a total of 900,000+ or how many like me are spillovers from the main channel? just wondering if YouTube breaks it down for channel owner.


I just don’t think it matters.  I looked into it when it came out, and just don’t think it fits well with Youtube.  People barely want to turn off a darn ad blocker for my content, getting them to shell out money would be brutal.

I think the Patreon type thing is the way to go.  People who want to pay do, people who don’t still share your content and act as advertising.