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You briefly touched on net neutrality in your “future of television” video, but was curious about your unfiltered and honest opinion (are you for/against it, why or why not, pros/cons, etc…) on it. Although I may not always agree with your opinion 100%, I do highly value your perspective and often use it as a sanity check to see if I missed anything.

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PS. Your old training videos really helped me to learn and understand subnet masking and were instrumental to my passing the Network+ exam. Thank you.


I’ll do a video on this soon, but long story short I hate everyone involved…  EVERYONE is being dishonest…


The issue really is more complex then people make it out to be. In an ideal world, Net Neutrality should not be a thing in the U.S. If your cable company starts messing up your Netflix stream, you should be able to just get another one.

However, in the U.S. we allow these companies to be a government protected monopoly. By giving them all the rights for centuries at a time to all cable under the streets. In NYC for example, Time Warner owns all the cable and you cant lay more. and Verizon has a 40 year monopoly (yes, the city gives those out for enough $$$) on Fiber. (so no one but the rich have fiber and pay through the roof for it).

So since the government is protecting the cable companies from competition it is only right that they protect us from being rolled over by them. If Net Neutrality is going to be repealed we should at least outlaw cable monopolies as well.