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Hi Eli & Community,

What are your thoughts on printers still continuing to be widely used today in offices of all sizes from the SMB to the Enterprise and if it would be a good idea for IT Consultants to offer a service for “Paperless Office Conversions”?



Benjamin Conner


Imagine: you are at your office and you missed an incoming call, so the caller will be redirected to the receptionist. She takes the call and asks for the caller his phone number. What does she do? Ok, she can send you instantly an internal email with a callback but I guess that they mostly use a post-it for this purpose.
Besides that, I design / Repair & do modifications at pro- audio equipment. On the moment I am modding a Neve VR48 console with 48 Penny & Giles flying faders. The original Neve service manual takes somewhere around 800 pages. With my mod’s added it takes 200 pages extra. You just can’t or let me say “I just can’t” do this shit with scrolling true +1000 pages of a .pdf file. I really need pencil & paper. But that’s just me.


Maybe in the future however many documents need hard copies and a PDF will not do, especially in this lawyer run environment. But I do see a huge trend away from paper in my own neck of the woods (Seattle).


When it comes to business, they will always need paper.  Regulations, best practices, and many compliance points, require that many different documents exist on hard copy.  There are also legal issues surrounding signatures on contracts, that exist with “digitally signing” rather than an actual signature on paper.  The most important documents for a business, will ALWAYS have a hard copy, because it can’t be deleted, and it will be accessible during a power/communications outage or other “emergency”.  Computer systems, and digital formats are great, and efficient, but paper cannot be replaced in all instances.

Personally, I have a file cabinet AND a database, and that will never change.


Thanks for the feedback, its something I’ve thought about over the past few years or so even though I am not an independent consultant who would be selling the service.

As an IT person I pretty much am paperless and have even taken out loans from my credit union completely online from my account and got them signed and everything utilizing the infamous docu-sign.