July 27, 2017

Ask your questions for Eli and the rest of the Silicon Discourse community here.  Build your reputation by giving advice to others too!


Hi Eli,

The Discord doesn’t seem to be working too well as a replacement for the YT chat, so maybe it can be repurposed.  Maybe create a channel (not a new server, but a new channel within the server) for SD – a new way for the SD community to communicate.  You can make a permission on the Discord server for SD members, and restrict the channel to people with those perms.  If people want to get added they should post their Discord tag (mine is @iYoni#6984) here and you can give them the perms (maybe appoint someone to do it rather than having to do it yourself).  We also badly need moderators over on Discord.  Sometimes it really gets out of control.

Also when you tried to ban the dude today you just blocked him, hiding the messages from yourself only.  To ban a user, click on them in the sidebar and then click ban.

Another suggestion: Possibly putting SD or Eli The Computer Guy merch in the gift boxes occasionally?